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Text messaging and email are still the best way to do it.

7 classy reasons to use Flocknote
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  1. The one-two punch of text messaging & email
    With so many social networks, mobile apps and communication tools out there, it's easy to forget that text messaging and email are still the most important! Once you can text and email your members (Flocknote's specialty), you can do all the communicating your heart desires. Why complicate it?
  2. Gather members' most important contact info
    Import the contacts you already have, then let your members connect with you (or update their info) via a link or their mobile phone using our text-to-join feature. Many churches actually double their # of contacts in just a few minutes on a single Sunday using Flocknote.
  3. Capture replies, RSVPs, votes & analytics in one place
    Anytime you send an email or text message, Flocknote captures open rates, bounces and everyone's direct replies, RSVPs and votes all in one place for you.
  4. We like simple (b/c simple works!)
    Simple concept. Simple interface. No contract. No extra fees. No software to load. Even better, you only pay for what you need (i.e. we don't make you pick a “plan” where you always end up paying for more than you need).
  5. Our Happiness Engineers
    They are super smart, rather delightful and would love to help you. :-)
  6. Our mission - a more connected Church.
    We're doing something special. We'd love for you to be a part of it. Learn more here.
  7. Get started free - right now!
    We have a free-forever plan for up to 40 members. We love supporting small ministries and making it easy for any church to give us a whirl!

How Flocknote is different from...

  • Email marketing tools (like Constant Contact and Mailchimp)
    Marketing tools are great…for marketers. Flocknote is made for ministry! First, it’s much simpler and quicker to use than email marketing tools (so your staff and team can use it, too!). Second, Flocknote includes text messaging (the most effective way to reach your members, today). Third, we capture all your members’ replies (via text or email) all in one place for you - all while still tracking open rates, bounces and other important statistics.
  • Other group texting tools
    Flocknote is one of the most affordable texting options available - because we are priced for ministries, not marketers. So not only are we much less expensive than the other guys, but you get unlimited text messages, your members can reply, you can use text-to-join keywords and you get a simple interface, made for churches and groups like yours. Oh, and Flocknote sends awesome email too, because sometimes an email is more appropriate.
  • All those free, fancy, stand-alone mobile apps
    Apps are changing our world in really neat ways. But the truth is that text messaging and email are still the #1 ways to connect with your members. Apps tend to only engage the folks in your church who are already very engaged. The barrier of having to download an app will keep the vast majority of your members from ever using it. At this time, an app can be an interesting supplementary tool for your church, but we believe should not be pursued until you have a robust system for text messaging and emailing your members.
  • Private social networking solutions (like The City or The Table)
    Private social networking solutions are like trying to create your own "private Facebook" network for your community. It can work in rare niches, but ends up (like many mobile app solutions) only engaging your already ultra-engaged members. The barrier-to-use is high and requires your members to form a new habit (hard to do), regularly logging in to a closed website in order to get updates and interact with other members. Flocknote flips that concept on its head while providing similar results. We help you push info to your members where they already habitually check for info (their email inboxes and mobile devices), and they can securely get info, interact, reply to polls, rsvp, etc. without ever having to log in (or necessarily registering their own account). It just works.
  • Other more fully-featured church software
    Some church software, on paper, claim to do it all. But first, they are usually really expensive. Second, they were built for administrators, not for ministry leaders and certainly not for your members. Third, they try to do so many things that not only do they do none of them very well, but their interface has become a cluttered, complex, hard-to-use mess, requiring a lot of time and training on a tool much of your staff ends up avoiding at all costs.
    Flocknote, on the other hand, takes the approach of most modern, successful software tools. We are focusing on doing one thing really well (knowing and communicating with your members). And we're working hard to integrate and play nicely with any other awesome software you use for other purposes.

Always free for up to 40 members.

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